The Story

Hi, my name is Theresa. I was always curious about what people are passionate about, what’s their motivation and what’s their life dream or vision for the future. I used to collect articles, interviews and stories of people following their dreams – inspiring stories of passionate strangers around the world, which I found rarely spread in magazines and on the web.  I can’t imagine something better to read, something more motivating and inspiring than people telling about their passion and dreams. I was wondering what the people around me are really passionate about and I was curious what young people in other countries might dream of. At that time I traveled a lot and enjoyed listening to stories of other people’s life. However, sometimes I felt like we’re living in a dream deprived society. We tend to ask people “What are you doing / what’s your job?”, but I found it much more interesting to ask “What’s your dream? What are you passionate about?”. In 2011 on a flight back to Glasgow, where I was studying at that time, I was wondering once more why there isn’t something like a magazine consisting only of such stories. So, I told myself if it doesn’t exist I will create it, because it would be really cool to have an catalogue of people’s dreams, featuring people all over the world at best.
So, here you are. I started asking people “What’s your dream?” in 2014. These portraits are subject of this blog, providing you with inspiring stories of people around the world.  So far I have been thrilled by the passion and the sparkle in the eyes when people start to talk about their dreams! Read more about what this project is all about.


How I do the interviews

It’s important for me to make sure that “WE SHARE A DREAM” participants are happy with the interviews in this blog, because it can be quite intimidating to share a personal dream/story online. Therefore, quotes are always approved by my interviewees and I don’t publish any content without the consent of participants.
Note: I’m not an English native speaker and most of my interviewees are neither. So, I apologize for all spelling and grammar mistakes likely to occur.