Pete, Dublin

12 Posted by - 17. January 2015 - Dreams, Dublin, Ireland

Pete from Dublin

Pete – Coding teacher and musician

We met Pete in Dublin, where he shares his passion for coding and playing drums with kids.

Pete, what is your dream?

My dream is to help kids to learn how to code.

Why do you think it’s important to teach young kids how to code?

Because they are the next generation! You should see some of the stuff they come up with, just even the way they think. You know, the projects they create, it’s just brilliant. For example, Niamh, she created an eCar-Charger-App. So if you’re driving around and you have an eCar, you can find the next charging-point by using her App. She is eleven, it’s just amazing. That’s why I love this and why I want to help these kids to learn how to code at CoderDojo.

My other dream is to continue playing and teaching Drums! I play tonight with one band in Limerick, it’s a nice change of pace between events and a great creative outlet!

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