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Quel from Barcelona

Quel – Interior Designer & Restauratuer

Exploring the relationship to furniture and our surroundings – Interior Designer Quel’s work is a reflection of what inspires her most: furniture, interior design and aesthetics. At the heart of Barcelona she created ViraVolta together with her friends Marta and Ferri. It’s a multifunctional space offering worshops on furniture restoration, space for exhibition and everything that aims to the pleasure of exploring your creativity.

Quel, what is your dream?

My dream is that, through interior design, I can help people to feel comfortable, happy and in harmony with their surroundings, whether it be at home or at work.

What is fascinating you about this work?

You don’t have any constraints, you don’t have to take away limitations to explore your creativity. When working with furniture or objects, you can neglect any limits and just do what you feel.

When did you discover your passion for interior design?

My whole life I felt this passion for furniture, interior design and aesthetics. Actually, I am a painter, and still working as such, but I really feel this passion for furniture. I love to feel it, to touch it and to create it with my hands. So, it is not only about design and to think about the way you create a room and a feeling by decoration. There is much more to it than just this. It is also about touching the furniture with your hands and feeling the relation, feeling this kind of feedback. What is this special piece of furniture asking for? And how can I translate this feeling, craft it, so it unlocks its full potential?



You’ve created “ViraVolta” with your friends, a multifunctional space for restoring furniture. Have you ever been in doubt about your plans?

No, I don’t feel insecure about anything, because I have my ‘back covered’. I still work as a painter, which gives me extra money. Here at “ViraVolta“, when I work with old furniture, it is like I fell in love with the project, it is like a relationship.

What was your happiest moment?

My happiest moment is always when furniture becomes really beautiful, when it ‘comes to life’. During the process, you don’t think a lot, it’s more about feeling than thinking, and then it becomes precious.

What is your biggest challenge?

To manage to keep Viravolta going. To keep it growing and evolving, and to continue forming part of it.



What would you recommend to other people who’re not sure about what they’re passionate about?

I would recommend to people who want to find their passion, to be brave. Start by trying different things by taking small steps and share your ideas in your spare time. Just try it. If you find somethings that fulfils you, do it! In the beginning you cannot start and try everything at once and go straight after your dream. Just start and keep trying, one step after another.

What keeps you motivated? And what would you tell others to stay motivated?

What keeps me motivated is the energy that we create here at “ViraVolta”. When times are hard, it’s like therapy. If I’m down, I can trust my colleagues and friends, they keep me afloat and stay by my side, even when times are rough. We are always helping each other. So I would recommend to share you dream, to speak with other people about it. Try to find someone that feels the same, someone you can trust. So in hard times these friends will help and will keep you motivated.

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