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Joe Loehrmann My Traveling Piano_

Joe from Bremen, Germany

Joe Löhrmann – a pianist travelling the world

I met Joe in Berlin, where he played piano in the sunny backyard during a conference. While being fascinated by the music, creating such a perfect atmosphere, I really wondered how this guy got the piano out there.

Joe fulfilled his long-cherished dream and built his own mobile piano on wheels. With his traveling piano, Joe enjoys being on the road and delights people all around the world with his open-air music. I asked Joe about how he came up with this crazy idea and what it takes to make a dream reality.

Joe, what is your dream?

My dream is that everyone in this world should be able to do what he or she loves. I think if everybody would just do what their love we would have such a great world. No wars anymore, just happy people and smiling faces you look into every day. I think, that this is the best thing I could imagine, because then everybody would just be happy – including me, that would be great.

Are you already doing what you love for a living?

Yes, I really love what I do. I travel around the world with my piano and I play open-air concerts wherever I feel like doing that. It’s great, because I can make a living from that. I can play music in the open sky and I can make a difference in people’s life. I really enjoy doing that and sometimes I get reactions from people weeks, month or maybe even a year after I was playing somewhere.. They share what this special situation has done to them. I’m really grateful for that.

Joe Loehrmann My Traveling Piano

You made it happen: Living your passion by traveling the world and playing piano. What does it take to make a dream a reality ?

I think you need a lot of courage. Or you need people around you that are supportive. When you have an idea or dream in your head and you tell it to people and they are negative about it, just look for other people. Because you have this inner voice already in you, and you need people that really support you, people that give you the courage to do what you love. I have had some people in my life, who gave me that courage to do it, which made it possible for me to really follow my dream.

My Traveling Piano

Did you always knew that this is your passion? When did you realize that this is what you would love to do? And how difficult was it to quit your ordinary career?

I had a normal job, but I didn’t enjoy it and I even got sick from it. In the end it was something psychologically, because I really didn’t like it at all. I really knew what I didn’t want to do. So, I travelled around the world and I was thinking a lot about what I really wanted do with my life. I came to the point that I really want to enjoy my life as much as possible. How can I enjoy my life? By doing the things I really love. My two biggest passions are traveling and playing piano. It seemed to be so hard to combine these two passions. But I like unusual things and just started to make it happen. I built a piano on wheels, put it in a van and started traveling the world.


Thank you Joe and all the best for your journey!

You want to know where and when Joe is playing next? Check out his website or follow him via Facebook.


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