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Niamh (12) from Dublin, Ireland

Niamh – Student and App Developer

What did you dream of when you were young? We were curious what young kids dream of nowadays and have been surprised. Meet Niamh from Dublin, who is only 12 years old but knows how to code and already built an app for electric cars.

Niamh, what is your dream?

I would like to see more children going to CoderDojo and learning how to program. And I would like to see technology getting even better.

Why do you like children to learn programming?

Because I think it will be the future and there will be a lot of jobs for people who can code.

What is fascinating you about coding? Is it fun?

Yes, it is really fun! And the mentors at CoderDojo are just really nice.

Do you learn programming at school as well?

No, we don’t learn how to program at primary school, yet.

Would you like to learn programming at school?

Yes, I think it would be cool to learn it at school, because then lots of children would be able to learn it, too.

What is the job you would like to do when you grow up? Is it related to programming?

Well, I would like to have that skill, but I’m not sure what kind of job I would have. But I would still definitely use the skills that I have learned from coding in my job.

When did you start learning how to code?

I was 9 years old, I think.

Wow, that’s early! Did you once code your own program or game?

I built an App called “Recharge my eCar”, it is for electric cars and it shows where all the public charging points for electric cars are in Ireland are and whether they’re in use or not. It is really useful!

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